Publication de la BCI : Des opportunités transformatrices pour l’Humanité, l’Océan et la Planète

Vient de paraître !

Nous sommes ravis d’annoncer la publication d’un recueil d’Opportunités Transformatrices pour l’Humanité, l’Océan et la Planète. Plus de 60 experts mondiaux proposent ici plus de 40 opportunités prometteuses, qui s’appuient sur le pouvoir de l’océan pour combattre le changement climatique et pourvoir de manière durable aux besoins de l’humanité.

This main publication comes along with six separate and more detailed papers focused on ocean-based transformational opportunities in Health & Well-being, Food & Nutrition, Marine Energy and Transportation, Mineral and Genetic Resources, Biodiversity and Nature-based Solutions, and Sustainable Tourism.


bci compendium of transformational opportunities


With recommendations as audacious as a high seas marine protected area; as vital as human dietary shifts towards sustainable food from the sea; as inspirational as an international deep sea station; as timely as a “FAIR Ocean” effort in inclusive, equitable ocean exploration; and as empowering as a global “Healthy Blue Communities Network”; these TOPS are a compelling agenda to stimulate and guide our collective action.

Check out the Transformational Opportunities page on this website to access all documents.

6 themes of tops