Announcing our Shortlisted Applicants


Congratulations to the 16 applicants shortlisted under the Blue Climate Initiative Community Awards for Ocean-Related Climate Solutions!



  1. BrBio (Brazil): An Ocean of Women
  2. CEM (Honduras): Increasing climate resilience in Santa Fe, Honduras through networks of managed access with reserves and behavior change campaigns
  3. CORDIO (Kenya): Strengthening resilience to climate change through improved fisheries management  
  4. Costa Humbolt (Chile): Community-lead coastal marine refuge network for biodiversity conservation, fisheries management, and climate resilience
  5. Environmental Defense Fund (Chile): Building climate resilience capacity for small-scale fishing communities through a collaborative learning approach
  6. Futuro Sostenible (Peru): Shifting to renewable energy for energy security in artisanal fishermen activities
  7. Gampong Development Institute Aceh (Indonesia): Saving the Mangrove Ecosystem
  8. Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation, Coral Vita (Bahamas): The Coastal and Ocean resilience Action Lab
  9. ICLEI (Kiribati): Seaweed Cultivation in the South Tarawa
  10. ICCCAD, ICLEI (Bangladesh): Sustainable strategies for Development of Natural Resources in SundarBAN
  11. IFRZ (Tanzania): SeaPower
  12. Ocean Alive (Portugal): Keepers of the Sea: fisherwomen leaders for ocean conservation
  13. OneReef (Palau): Ocean Guardians: a nature-based solution to the coral reef crisis
  14. RARE (Philippines): Building a network of Climate-resilient coastal communities through community engagement and behavior adoption
  15. Te Pu Atita, GUMP, CRIOBE (France): Moorea 2030 Citizens Assembly for Island Sustainability
  16. VBF-CBO, WCS (Kenya): Vanga Blue Forest Project

These 16 organizations have been invited to submit full proposals in November and the winners will be announced in December 2020.