A High-Level Summit to Accelerate Impact

The Blue Climate Summit will be held in French Polynesia in May 2022. The Summit will accelerate ocean-related programs and projects to help address the climate crisis, match investors with ocean and climate needs and opportunities, galvanize task forces and working groups, and spur major announcements.

The event will be co-convened by H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, Marc Benioff, Dr. Sylvia Earle, Laura Turner, and other ocean champions to be announced.

This Summit will provide a unique opportunity for 300+ leaders and doers, scientists, engineers, community, business, youth, policymakers, conservationists and influencers to come together to accelerate solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing humankind.

Six different missions will provide the Summit’s structure and projects will be the focus of action, collaboration, and commitments.



Sequester carbon through ocean-related strategies

Mitigate carbon emissions through ocean-related innovations

Establish a network of healthy blue communities advancing health, resilience & awareness

Support efforts to protect at least 30% of oceans by 2030

Advance inclusive scientific understanding of the ocean

Create a new model of sustainable tourism




Credit: Gaby Barathieu / Ocean Image Bank


Pacific Islands have contributed minimally to climate change, but may be among the most vulnerable to its effects. Empowering local communities and economies to deal with the challenges they face, and mobilizing the world to protect the ocean while sustainably tapping its potential, require locally-targeted blue climate action. Tahiti, in the heart of the Pacific, provides a powerful forum for a global convening on the ocean/climate nexus.

An Action-oriented Event to accelerate the Climate Change and Oceans Agenda

Key elements include:


The merging of ideas, capital and action


The collaboration of diverse expertise and experiences through science and community dialogue


Catalyzing and promotion of innovation


A focus on transformative change


Youth and emerging leader participation


Galvanizing innovators and new ideas through an incentive prize competition


Accelerating investment in proven approaches


Key timing in a rapidly unfolding political environment


Targeted long-term impact