The Blue Climate Initiative harnesses research and innovation to accelerate ocean-based strategies to combat climate change. Bringing together world-class minds, pioneering practitioners and emerging leaders, we target breakthrough solutions that combat climate change while protecting and conserving our oceans, leveraging their power to address some of the greatest challenges of our time - renewable energy, sustainable food supplies, clean drinking water, improved human health, flourishing biodiversity and sustainable ocean economies.

An Urgent Need for Ocean Protection and Climate-Focused, Ocean-Based Innovation

The health of our oceans is critical. Oceans generate an astounding half of the world’s oxygen and absorb a quarter of its carbon dioxide emissions. Over 3 billion people depend on the oceans for their primary source of nutrition. The oceans’ goods and services generate about $2.5 trillion per year, equivalent to world’s seventh largest economy. While under growing danger from global warming, ocean acidification, pollution, unsustainable fishing practices and other threats, responsibly protected, restored, and managed oceans could reverse the buildup of carbon in our atmosphere while also sustainably supplying humanity with abundant energy, fresh water, nutritious food, improved health, and economic opportunity for those who depend on the blue economy. But to unlock these urgently needed solutions, we need immediate concerted action - an ocean innovation movement.